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Publishing Policy

Aims and Scope
The MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary periodic media organ which has the objective of bringing together scientists, researchers and experts who examine Medieval civilisations in an objective and interdisciplinary manner and from the perspective of time and location, with interaction in a common discussion platform.
The MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies will only publish research articles and the translations of texts written in the source languages used in the Middle Ages (Arabic, Farsi, Latin, Greek, Old French, etc.).
The MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies aims to contribute to the processes of developing the dialogue between scientists, researchers and individuals who use the findings of research studies, from different disciplines, generating and extending up-to-date information in the field and presenting authentic scientific studies and beneficial perspectives to the relevant parties.
The MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies, which has adopted the principle of open access, is a journal which is published in the electronic environment (online) for a year. Articles, for which the double-blind peer review assessment process has been completed, are published together, in December.
The MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal.

The Peer Review Process

The peer review process of an article submitted to MESOS: Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies begins by being sent to two expert reviewers within the scope of the double-blind peer review process. The article is accepted if both reviewers present positive opinions. Should the reviewers present negative opinions, the process of rejecting the work is applied. Should just one of the blind reviewers evaluate the article as negative then the article is sent to a third reviewer; according to the final decision, the acceptance or the refusal of the article is reported to the author together with the reasoned reports of the reviewers. Subsequently follows the editorial process. In line with this the author is asked to make the necessary amendments on the article (if not applied in advance) regarding the publication principles. In addition to this, he or she should the probable/necessary amendments stated by the reviewers and provide the necessary reasons, supplying examples if he or she does not agree to apply the amendments which have been requested. After this addendum and corrigendum process, the article is read by the proofreaders of the journal several times. Afterwards, the reading process carried out by the journal editors and the editor in-chief is completed. After that, the MESOS publication format is applied by the publication editors and the article is submitted to the approval of the editor-in-chief. Following the evaluation of the editor-in-chief, the final version of the article is sent to the author for his or her approval and is included in the publication process of the relevant issue. 

The authors of all articles published in the MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies have the right to share and reproduce their own work. Please see the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License for detailed information concerning copyright.

Open Access
All articles published in the MESOS Journal of Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies are open to public use and may be read freely, without paying any fees and without the need to obtain permission from the publisher or the author(s). They may be downloaded, distributed and used subject to being given as a reference. Responsibility for the studies published in the journal rests with their authors.

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